The Huracan Spyder is one of the most powerful supercars created in the 20th century. It is a monster from the Lamborghini tree and one that is going to live through the ages. If you remember the Alive le Film our “villian” had this car. Now this is not a villain’s car. But when you need someone to be very evil and rich at the same time this is the car for them. The video below shows the power of this car!

If you are feeling particularly rich then there’s a good site for this here to hire this car, but I mean you will need a lot of money to be able to do this. Although it will cost you about £2,000 a weekend. But this is slightly less than the half million price tag to buy a brand new one with all the fittings! Something that I think only 1000 people across the country have done so far this year. But when they release the next model, this one will fall in value. That’s the economy of supercars, it works almost like the newest model of Iphone or even the most fashionable item in the store. One thing may be “in” and another may be “out.” What is certain is this car is a powerful machine.


The range rover that costs close to $200,000 and has a 5Litre engine with a V8 supercharged turbo…. Yes you did read that right. This was of course Jeff’s car in the Alive film and he placed the “d*ck” individual that you must have in a movie. Obviously this car suit him very well.


The Specs

This car is an absolute monster. Not just in its size which is 5.093lbs….. But in the amount of power it has. As we mentioned its a 5.0 Litre V8 engine. If this car weighed less it would have a similar acceleration as a Ferrari 458. To put that into perspective, it’s goes frecking fast! But apart from the weight and power its still a 4×4 road car. Meaning the control and handling is great. Smooth and doesn’t understear which is a big issue for most in its category.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy (And to Rent?)

Well brand new to buy this is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Then they will take close to $200,000 from you. That’s just the basic model too. If you get all the optional updates then this is closer to $300,000. In British money that’s just a shade under a quarter million….. So assuming we can’t afford that much, how much does it cost to rent for a few days. Well we contacted our go to super car hire guys and the team at Ferrari hire UK (because they were apparently involved in the Range rover discussions previously to this 5L giant coming out) and they gave us a quote of £3,500 per weekend. Or £995 per 24 hour period.

Obviously I disagreed.

But the point is made that value is everything. If someone is willing to spend this much on a 4×4 then its likely that the car is worth that much. Although to you and me I would rather spend that on a Lamborghini or a Aston Martin, for day to day use I can see this being better. That’s why nowadays these huge, powerful 4 by 4s are actually classed as supercars. It’s strange to think but it is the truth. I’ve also embedded my favourite video review of this car below, as you will see its very very quick as we have already established.

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed the post. See you next week. Remember to share and comment if you enjoyed.


ferrari-f40-imageHi everyone and welcome to the first real post on the blog. Today we will be looking into one of the best Ferrari’s of its respective generation, the F40. Most of you have probably already seen this car but for those of you who haven’t, there will be a lot of images throughout this post. I wanted to start by embedding a video I think sums up the F40 perfectly. The original Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear states this car to be the best supercar of them all. That’s a big statement and the full video is below.

The Price & Rental Specs

I thought I’d start with this price for an F40. Any guesses? $100k? Well you’d be wrong. The sticker price of the F40 is around $399,999. But you won’t find that anywhere. If you want to pick one up in the next 2 months, you’ll need to pay closer to $650,000! That is a substantial amount of money for a car that was originally developed in 1987.

Next we wanted to find out how much it would cost to rent this car for 2 days. Prices varied but the best price we found was from a supercar rental company called Blue chip car hire in London, UK. The price for this was £1,500 for 2 day period. For a long weekend the price was increased to £2,250. And this was the best price we found out of hundreds of rental agencies! So remember to shop around if you are looking to rent this beast.

The Specs

  1. 197 MPH Top Speed – That’s quick for a car made in the 80s.
  2. Mid-engine – Rear wheel drive.
  3. 2 door – 2 passengers.
  4. 478 Brake horse power.
  5. Zero to 60 in 4.2 seconds.
  6. Zero to 100 in 8.3 seconds – That’s impressive.
  7. Brakes from 70mph to 0 in 218 feet.
  8. Twin turbo V8 Engine – giving you 478bhp and 7000 revs
  9. The body – This is made of kevlar (what they use for bullet proof vests) and carbon fibre, to make this car incredibly strong and light at the same time.


It drives smooth as can be. The autocar reviewers stated the following about the stability through braking of this car.

And when it’s braking hard, the Ferrari maintains faultless stability. You need only concentrate on the line you want into the bend, not keeping the car on course. This car gives; it does not fight. It’s impeccably stable at speed too – at least up to the 160mph or so it’s possible to do at Fiorano.

Insurance is only going to cost you about $30,000 a year…. A bargain really.

The Noise is something more than a murmur, its a smooth growl that explodes when you step on the accelerator. The turbos between gears crack well to maintain speed and control even during gear changes.

That’s probably why they give you a free test track and driving experience to “teach” you how to drive this beast before you can drive it away. Seems only fair as you’ve probably just paid close to half a million on a car.

How many Ferrari F40s were produced?

400 Ferrari F40s were made. 1,315 in total though including slightly different models and GT versions.


aliveThe alive le film is a movie from 2004, the film itself was great, but what was better were the cars featured in this film. If you don’t know the film itself was about 6 people who were… Alive. I’m not going to reveal any spoilers but I wanted to create a website based around not only the film but more importantly the cars that would be featured in this film. Over the coming months I will be reviewing 1 car per week or bi-monthly that was featured in the movie itself. These aren’t just your average cars they are supercars… As you would probably expect. Over time, or if I run out of cars to add I might just start to branch into supercar reviews in general, but until then we will be following the models in the film.

The first one on the list is going to be the original Ferrari 40.